The other day, I got to kick in my neighbor’s door. Literally.

Two Delaware county sheriffs and I – kicked in my neighbor’s door. I felt like I was filming the last scene of this action packed movie. It felt like the part of the movie where the good triumphed over evil. The prince was going in to rescue the damsel in distress. Only I was the prince, and the damsel was my middle aged neighbor.  None-the-less, the heroic music was playing in the background of my mind. The pieces of wood from the door were flying slow motion at the screen. And the cool sound effects were going off in the background.

Credits roll.

The donkey kicks of these officers were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They would each take a wind up, spin around and then make contact with the door – it was absolutely crazy. And I felt absolutely crazy to be a part of it.

I tried to talk them out of the door smashing at first. They were there because no one had seen my neighbor in a few days and she was living alone recovering from surgery. A friend of hers got worried and called the police when she hadn’t heard from her.  I thought the kicking in of the door should be a last resort. Also, my neighbor is very particular about locking up at night – she has 4 locks down the side of her door, in addition to the lock already part of it. If that wasn’t enough, she has a tension rod that she puts up to hold the door closed. I knew it would be hard to break through.

But they were persistent. And honestly, I think they might have been craving some action. It’s not every day they get to break down a door in Delaware County. And so after many kicks (I got to do a small one too); we kicked the door in and rushed into my neighbor’s apartment.

Two words: Stunt. Devil.

And my neighbor? She was laying in her bed on some pretty strong pain-killers. She couldn’t hear all the banging. Next time I have surgery, I’ll have what she’s having.

So this has been my big action all week. And I’ve been thinking – God is kind of a donkey kicker to us. If that’s even a thing.

There are times we hide from him. In our little one bedroom apartments with locks that line the doorway. And then there are tension rods behind them. And we are non-responsive.

God is knocking and pounding on our doors. And we are silent, or zoned out because we are on our pain killers of this life. Pain killers that we make up for ourselves –  love, food, sex, shopping or addiction. And we are on so many painkillers, we can’t hear him. And we can’t see him.

But aren’t we so glad that we serve a relentless God? One that never gives up. One that will break down our doors to reach us. He is in relentless pursuit of us all the time. And no barriers we put up will ever block him out.

Today I am thankful for that.

I just think he looks a little better than I do practicing at the beach.