I always try to give up something for Lent.

One year, I gave up coffee – a true sacrifice for me. My eye twitched for two weeks and I was a real bear to everyone at work – I’m sure that was God’s intention, right?

Another year, I went an entire 40 days without television. Impressive right? About 4 days in I found myself complaining and reading reviews online of my favorite TV shows. Again – I’m sure God was pleased with me that year.

I think I missed the point. I missed Jesus. Where was our Savoir in any of this?

Lent is a season meant to prepare for Jesus’ death – a time of pruning, a time to refresh, renew and grow. I’m not sure how giving up my favorite foods or addicting habits for 40 days does that.

Every year, I think I miss the entire point of lent. Instead of the giving up, it needs to be about the adding in. The adding in of Jesus’ traits into our own lives. And it shouldn’t stop on Easter day – the things we learn about ourselves and improve upon during lent, need to be carried over into our lives permanently.

This year, I’m being intentional about making a change – and inviting you to join me. We were made for love and by love – the love of Jesus dying on the cross and raising to life again – this is why we celebrate Easter. We need to tap into that sweet love that Jesus paid for us.

Our symbolic journey towards Easter beings tomorrow – and this year, I’m not giving up coffee or television. In fact, I’m not giving up anything at all. Instead, I’m adding in. I’m adding in power thoughts to my days to incorporate more of Jesus into my heart. That’s what the lenten season is all about – more of Jesus.

Give up the indulgences of your heart this year, instead of the indulgences of your taste buds. Make more room for Christ.

I’m going to post a lenten prayer every day on this blog, as a little reminder to be intentional this lenten season. I want to meditate on these thoughts each day and try to add them into the person that God is creating me to be.

We have to start with ourselves. And the lenten season invites us to do exactly that – take a hard look at our weak spots, pray about them and improve on them. That’s all God ever asks of us – to be his servants and be constantly improving on that.

Be a brave soul this year. Celebrate Easter the way it was meant to be celebrated – by giving God your whole heart.