Eucharisto – One Thousand Gifts.

A dare to live rightfully where you are & be thankful in that moment.

“For of all the things our minds can think about God, it is thinking upon his goodness that pleases him most and brings the most profit to our soul.” -Ann Voscamp

The race to 1,000. Lets do it.

1. The crackling noise candles make when you light them after they’ve been lit too many times.

2. Bright orange nailpolish.

3. Cards that are sent in the mail – for no reason.

4. Freedom.

5. Marathons of Grey’s Anatomy on a Saturday night.

6. Silence.

7. Floss – which adds 7 years on to my life.

8. Aloe socks – soothe the sole. If ya feel me.

9. Blasting music and having living room dance parties.

10. Kickboxing classes.

11. Wearing aviator sunglasses.

12. Birds chirping early in the morning.

13. Ah… New car smell.

14. Those moments when God decides to let you in on the secret that everything that has happened to you was for the best.

15. Self checkouts at the grocery store.


17. My tough skin, which gets tougher every day.

18. Unexpected little hellos.

19. Closed slamming doors, that open other doors and opportunities.

20. Two of my favorite songs played back to back on the radio.

21. Long. Distance. Runs.

22. Depressed country music singers, who make life easier to manage.

23. Journaling.

24. Little moments when God uses YOU, even in your brokeness, to help someone else less fortunate than yourself.

25. MY MOM.

26. Dairy queen blizzards.

27. Curly hair

28. Java. The smell. The taste. The good feeling.

29. Blueberries bagels. ( proven to prevent cancer…just sayin.)

30. Somewhere to get up and go to everyday. Purpose.

31. Close family that never gives up on you, even when the world does.

32. Choc. O. Late.

33. New pumps.

34. Twisted peppermint lotion.

35. Humbling people.

36. Genuine thoughts & motives.

37. LSD runs.

38. Acceptance. Period.

39. Text messages out of nowhere that make you feel like a million bucks.

40. Pink nail polish on my toes.

41. Summer night baseball games.

42. Long bike rides.

43. Photography.

44. Beautiful nature scenes.

45. Windows down, summer night, car drives.

46. Homerville, Ohio.

47. Cookies straight from the oven.

48. Saving lives by giving of yourself.

49. Laughing until your sides hurt.

50. Happy hour & drinks with little umbrellas in them.

51. Beatles song lyrics.

52. Hope.

53. Unexpected packages.

54. Kids & their loveable little mindsets.

55. Sunshine.

56. Laying out by the pool.

57. Phone calls from someone you’ve missed.

58. Purple raiders.

59. 5:00 pm.

60. Anticipation.

61. Adrenaline.

62. Massages.

63. Raspberry sherbet on a hot summer day.

64. Compliments.

65. Vanilla carmel coffee creamer.

66. Answered prayers.

67. Unanswered prayers.

68. New music releases.

69. Walks at sunset.

70. Insane dance moves.

71. Garage sale steals!!

72. Commander in Chic nail polish

73. Pumpkin pie anything.

74. New socks.

75. Hot tea with honey.

76. Challenges.

77. Warm fuzzies when you least expect them.

78. Snuggling.

79. Running in the rain.

80. My gregory.

81. My puppy Lucy.

82. The love that Greg shows me.

83. My travels.

84. Board game nights.

85. Long drives.

86. Heating pads.

87. Sweatpants.

88. Cuddling.

89. A fireplace.

90. Surprise flowers from my Gregory.

91. My yellow diamond engagement ring.

92. The cooking skills I was blessed with.

93. My sewing machine.

94. Fabrics to create things.

95. My imagination.

96. My creativity.

97. My body- which sits, stands, runs and is healthy.

98. The mini marshmallows that go in hot chocolate.

99. Eating ice cream straight from the carton.

100. Fishtanks.

101. Coupons & discounts of any kind.

102. Headphones on busy days at work.

103.  My Gregory.

104. The way that God connects me with other Christian women.

105. Deep friendships.

106. Blog comments.

107. Free t-shirts.

108. Painting.

109. Greg & I’s Compassion child. And the joy that he brings us.

110. How the bible never stops teaching us.

111. Luminosity – the brain workout.

112. The last 30 seconds of a race. And the crowd.

113. My bamboo plant in my office.Its grown about 4 times its size in 2 years. And its good luck.

114. 90’s pop music.

115. Creative shops on Etsy.

116. Vintage clothes.

117. Antiques.

118. Snowstorms.

119. Lunch dates with my Greg.

120. When my puppy flops on her back so I will rub her tummy.

121. Meaningful conversations with strangers.

122. earbuds at work.

123. Netflix binge days.

124. Pink post-it notes.

125. Cursive handwriting.

126. My husband.

127. Pumpkin pie muffins – warm from the oven.

128. Wrinkles- to show how much I’ve lived.

129. Surprise run-ins with old friends.

130. TEDtalks.

131. Sick on the couch with my hubby.

132. Learning.

133. Growing.

134. Sunflowers in falls.

135. Carving pumpkins.

136. Hot apple cider.

137. Warm apple pie.

138. Warm meals from the crockpot.

139. Fall fires.

140. Blog comments.




3 thoughts on “Eucharisto – One Thousand Gifts.

  1. My dear Sister – In preparation for our annual stewardship focus at Faith I stumble across the same book. I read it, love it and use it as a starting place to invite the congregation to live the life that God intends for us by giving thanks in all things. I search the web for others who can inspire in the same way. I come to your blog and think, “Hmm…articulate, honest, deep, vulnerable, joyful…now this is a perspective on God with which I can resonate.” And then…I see a picture of YOU! It’s you. I should have known. Kristin, you are a gift and I am proud to know you. Keep it up, sister! Keep letting the Holy Spirit use you in this beautiful way. Peace. Cara

    1. Cara- This gives me chill bumps- of everything out on the web, YOU found MY BLOG?! I love how God has beautifully woven our lives together & I hope he never stops doing it. I hope you enjoy Ann’s book as much as I have & that your congregation enjoys its message too. Sending love your way.

  2. Kristin , what a blessing it is to be your friend, you are so insightful ,deep,and interesting to read. Don’t ever give up on your dream, you’ve got it girl.. I just spent an hour enjoying your blog. So inspiring and helpful. May God continue to speak to you with blessings and his favor. Awesome writing!

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