My Bucket List

So here it is. The infamous list of things I want to do that I’ve been editing for the past 5 years or so…

Dream big right?

1. Live in heart of the hustle and bustle of Chicago for at least a year

2. Travel to Italy & ride on a boat in Venice (yes with the man in the striped shirt)

3. Scuba dive with dolphins

4. Get married

5. Spend all day in bed – because I can

6. Write a NY Times best seller

7. Illustrate a children’s book

8. Paint a masterpiece, by popping paint filled balloons with darts

9. Learn how to tango

10. Run a marathon – OR a half marathon x3

11. Ride in a hot air balloon

12. See the grand canyon in person

13. Spend all day at the Metropolitan  Museum of Art in NYC

14. Spend New Years Eve in NYC, && see that ball drop

15. Read the entire Bible

16. Learn how to meditate…and then do it. Daily.

17. Have healthy and successful children

18. Become a motivational speaker, and have more than 1000 ppl applaud for me

19. Learn Kickboxing

20. Buy a house, with a wraparound porch to watch sunsets & drink wine on with my hubby

21. Brew my own wine

22. Learn how to drive a stick shift car

23. Get my motorcycle license

24. Get an article published in the New York Times

25. Get on Wheel of Fortune. Then win.

26. See Times Square

27. See the Whitehouse in person

28. Write 100 letters to the troops overseas

29. Have lunch with Oprah

30. Forget my fears, and donate blood

31. Read. Read. & read some more.

32. Go on a mission trip.

33. Preach to a group of people.

34. Recycle whatever I can.

35. Impersonate Tyalor Swift successfully & sign autographs.

36. Try 100 different types of beer

37. Publish a photograph in a major magazine or have my photograph printed on a billboard

38. Sleep in a cornfield

39. Volunteer selflessly.

40. Own a pair of Steve Madden heels.

41. Own a yellow diamond ANYTHING.

42. Learn to juggle. First balls, next knives.

43. Be someone to be jealous of.

44. Teach a college class

45. Make a difference in people’s lives

46. Visit the San Diego Zoo

47. Read 25 books in a year

48. Mush a dog sled

49. Throw the first pitch at a Cleveland Indians game

50. Have a serious grown up snowball fight

51. Go Paintballing

52. See a show on Broadway. Any show.

53. Break a Guinness World Record

54. Go sailing

55. Plant an herb garden

56. Be loved unconditionally, and return that love.

57. Have a walk-on roll on Grey’s Anatomy

58. Read to the children in the cancer wing of the hospital

59. Dress up like a mascot, and own it

60. Go to a professional football game

61. Crowdsurf at a concert & not get dropped

62. Start my own little hole in the wall coffee shop

63. Find a job that I love to get up and go to everyday – being a mama 🙂

64. Eat organic foods only

65. Star in a play

66. Turn my cell phone off for an entire week

67. Walk the red carpet at an awards show

68. Be in two places at once

69. Lay in the middle of the street, Notebook style

70. Have a shock-value walk in closet

71. Have a bookshelf, Beauty & The Beast style, with a ladder

72. Sing backup for John Mayer

73. Design my own line of perfectly stylish scarves

74. Own a convertible

75. Have a live Christmas tree

76. Backpack through Europe

77. Learn to hike, and make it a hobby

78. Go on vacation alone, and soul search

79. Sing solo at a church service

80. Go back to school and get my masters degree

81. Take self defense classes

82. Roadtrip the USA from coast to coast.

83. Zip line in South America…or Hocking Hills, Ohio. Same diff.

84. Go snorkeling

85. Live in a yellow submarine. For a day.

86. Hang glide off the rocky mountains

87. Meet Jim Tressel

88. Be on the jumbotron in the Shoe

89. Run the stairs of the Ohio Stadium

90. Enter an outrageous contest

91. Karaoke to “Born in the USA” by THE BOSS himself, Bruce Springsteen

92. See Mount Rushmore

93. Be the star of a swimsuit calendar

94. Sing the national anthem at a Mount Union football game

95. Get married at a white trash wedding chapel in Vegas, to my already husband

96. Be on the show The Amazing Race

97. Learn how to rock climb

98. Ride in a semi truck

99. Go to the driving range

100. Do a pump and run race

101. Learn to ski

102. Spend a week in the Adirondacks – backpacking, hiking

103. Visit Brazil – do mission work

104. Take a photography class

105. See all the National Parks

105. Travel to Interlaken, Switzerland


6 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. It’ only just begun….
    WOW what a great list. I’m soooo happy for you and excited to follow along with your adventures.
    Good luck Kristin and don’t forget, if you ever need anything or just someone to talk to, you have the number.

    1. Kristin,

      I can’t tell you how proud we all are of you. Of course you made me tear up! Cause thats what i do! I can only hope Macey grows up to be a wonderful young woman like you. Thoughts and prayers ALWAYS!

      One of my favorites: Phillipians 3:8
      Luv Aunt Shell

  2. YEAHH!!!! Loved this list. I started my own and I stole one or two of these =) So pumped to follow your story. Praying for you as you’re a real adult now. Woof. Love you.


  3. Thanks for the lovveeee & prayers everyone!! SO happy to have such great people in my life!! Not to mention, I’m glued to my stats on this blog, so I’m excited to see so many hits!!

    Please stay posted!! 🙂 You’re all in my thoughts!!

  4. Hey KBowl! Lovin’ your blog!

    When we connect with God, We make ourselves aware the He is right there ALL the time. We can experience that reality of the presence of God no matter where we are or what we are doing….in the car..talking a walk….shopping…at work…:)
    Keep it real!

  5. I am in awe of you! You have the drive, determination, smarts, attitude, and heart to be all that you want to be and more. I could not be any more proud of the daughter you are and the woman you have become. I LOVE YOU and I thank God for you everyday!

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